Monday, April 18, 2011

Accident - New Season delayed

Mar. 31, 2011....
The unthinkable has happened .... the start of another season will be delayed - many weeks due to a fall I took on the ice in my driveway, even though the roads have been bare for many weeks.  After trying 4 times to get up the driveway, the ice had the final say - causing me to slip and fall to the right side 1/2 way up.  I laid there till I knew what happened (good thing the bike stalled).  I then saw I was trapped under the right side of the motorcycle.  I couldn't put weight on my right arm properly - something was wrong with it, and my leg & foot were caught under the bike.  It took MANY tries to lift the bike enough till I could finally pull my leg/foot out from under it!
I had trouble standing upright with my right arm and foot injured,. It took awhile, but I finally made it upright. Afterwards, I couldn't put any weight on my right leg.... I had to hop down the driveway on my good leg, then up the stairs, and into the house.  My wife thought I left normally, and didn't know what happened.

After giving details, we were quick to get in the car and drive to the local hospital. Unfortunately we were turned away due to it closing very soon, and they suggested I go in the opposite direction to Campbellton (25 minutes away).
After driving and parking, my wife found a wheelchair at the new hospital to take me inside.
After checking in, there was more time to wait. Time seems to crawl in these situations, but finally, I was seen by a doctor. I then received a partial cast on my right foot, and sling installed for my right shoulder, then sent home.  I had to wait like this, till a call came from another hospital in Miramichi, which finally came THREE DAYS LATER!

During the wait time, a wheelchair was rented. After the call came, we drove down using it to get to the car and in.  After arriving in Miramichi hospital, and wheeled in, I soon was assigned to a private room. After settling in, I talked my wife into driving back home. Unfortunately, I never rented a TV or had a laptop, so  no one to talk to, no TV, and no computer, so time was very long.  Good thing I had a phone to use periodically.
The next morning was surgery, and on my way, I had to explain that my shoulder was only part of the problem. After complaining about my foot, they took an xray and saw that there was a problem and would make the surgery longer.

Sometime after surgery, I finally woke and learned a plate was put in my right shoulder, and another in my right ankle.
A broken ankle and separated shoulder will delay total recovery as long as the doctor guides me.

After surgery recovery, I was able to go home by ambulance (thanks to my wife for arguing for it). I was not able to use crutches with both injuries on the same side of my body, so a wheelchair was needed until I could walk on my own which was many weeks later.

Eventually, I was good enough to return to work.