Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's been a long 13 week recovery of my injuries  - more so when my mother died during this time.
I'm recovered enough to try to restart the season, and after changing the oil, filter, and cleaning up the fairing pieces. The fairing needed some added attention to the area where it hit the ground during the last blog. It sure feels good to suit up and sit on the bike. After testing my foot pressure on the ground, I'm good to go.

I'm anxious, and careful after firing the starter up and backing out of the garage. A shot of gas and easing of the clutch, I head up the west driveway. I go through the gears as I head upriver on Hwy. 134. Wow! This is GREAT! This is an awesome road to reintroduce myself to riding for sure! I soak up the scenery, weather, and feel of the road all the way up to Campbellton - which comes quick enough, even after getting hung up during the local festival's parade. I wind my way through the small city, then out onto Hwy. 11 for the return ride home. It's not much of a trip, but worth mentioning after the long 13 weeks. To cap it off, I realize this ride has happened on my father's birthday! Had he survived, this would've been his 80th.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe I waited this long to comment. Sure is nice to see you back. Might have been a short first trip, but likely best u started slowly. I think I would have been pretty nerve-racked getting back on the old horse, haha.
I knew you went for a cruise on Dad's b'day and it was a nice thought to top off the cruise.
Sure look forward to more blogs for the rest of the bike season. Gotta feeling it will last for awhile, since we had such a crappy spring, early summer anyway.
Glad to have u back!!!

T said...

Thanks for the encouragement!