Friday, July 29, 2011

Trip - 4A (180kms/2hrs)

Not much of a trip, but greatly appreciated due to my long layoff.

I ordered a new front tire at Bathurst Honda, it's in, so time to go for the appointment. Luckily it's a beautiful day, and a good chance to try my new Scorpion biking pants. I guess I'm bigger around the waist than I thought since it's a bit of a struggle getting them on over my shorts (they are bulky shorts though haha).

I'm away at a little early to get gas, but happily notice I've got lots, so I get away at a decent time so I take the old Hwy.#134 along the Bay of Chaleur. Speeds are much lower and many communities to get through, but it's such a great scenic route, plus the sun and 20°C/68°F temp. makes it awesome.

After making my way along the nice rolling turns through lower Charlo, New Mills, Nash Creek and Jacquet River, I've nestled in behind another biker. We wind out around the huge Belledune Generating Station which when constructed, forced the main road out around it, so it's a few miles before the return of the beautiful bay water and Gaspe coast. This is a slow leisurely drive, and I'm not in any hurry as I continue behind the Harley ahead of me and just soak up the sun at this perfect temperature.

It's not long before Petit Rocher, and Nigadoo zip by, but at this slower speed, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll make my 1pm appointment in time - especially after burning more minutes stopping for a couple of community sign photos. I hit Beresford with about 5 mins. left, and finally roll into the Honda parking lot right on time.

After getting the bike to the garage, I get the bike pants off and into my shorts, then off to the waiting room which is one of the better ones I've been in - lots of mags, newspaper, tv and comfy chairs. After a bit, the service guy comes out and tells me my tire is NOT in! What?!?! You called me and said it WAS, and that's why I made the appointment!!! He of course apologizes, but it was "someone" else's fault for making the phone call. At least the mechanic can check out a ticking noise I've had lately that is more prominent. He takes it for a drive and says the timing chain adjuster is making the noise. So, another tire and adjuster parts are ordered, and it's time to leave.

I decide to take the main Hwy.11 back home, so after leaning into the tight on-ramp, I crack the throttle, and in seconds I'm at cruising speed. The drive home is much quicker on this highway, but it's good just to be out on a "trip" again after the long layoff, and not being able to make the trip to Fredericton last week due to weather. The 2 hour drive is a good start for things to come hopefully.

A couple weeks later I make the same trip since the tire ACTUALLY did come in. A few drops on the way down, but of course, nice to be out again. The the timing chain adjusters were also changed, and I immediately could tell the difference in the lack of "ticking" sound from the motor. It was suppertime by the time I got out, so a quick visit to McDonald's satisfied my hunger. I hit rain a couple times on the way home and consider hiding under an overpass, but I see the clouds breaking ahead, so motor on.....a good test for a true trip to Fredericton next week I hope.

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